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About Chesapeake Park

The Chesapeake Sports and Entertainment Group (CSEG) has an enthusiastic, progressive vision for the State of Maryland: Chesapeake Park. Chesapeake Park will drive a positive financial impact for both County and State to newer heights and will fuel the sports and tourism economies. Bringing multipurpose fields, an indoor arena, splash parks, picnic areas, and adventure courses to a central location, Chesapeake Park is more than a stadium for Major League Lacrosse, it’s a park with everything for everyone.


Chesapeake Park is a community park. Chesapeake Park will serve a vital need by providing a state-of-the-art, multi-purpose sports campus for all athletes in the Mid-Atlantic region. With hiking and cycling trails, parks for play and family picnics, the 28-field campus will be complete with an indoor multi-court arena and an open air stadium for sporting, community, and cultural events. Through public-private partnerships, CSEG will drive to the State of Maryland its fair share of the $15 billion youth travel sports and tourism industry. Chesapeake Park will be the premiere destination for sports programs to flourish, develop and grow.


The anticipated economic impact has been sourced by Stadium Facilities Advisory LLC, averaging over $470 Million in the first 10 years of operation. Through strategic partnership with national leaders in tech and telecom, the Chesapeake Park Campus will feature innovative technologies unlike any other facility in the country. Connecting everyone where they play, each field will be equipped with a cutting-edge network built to curate a live stream of events for family and friends unable to attend in person straight to any screen.


CSEG will build a fully developed community initiative that includes transportation support to provide sports programming for the underprivileged/underserved communities in the local areas. A 10,000 seat stadium for the Major League Lacrosse team, the Chesapeake Bayhawks, will serve as a venue for high school graduations, concerts, and sports competitions.  The indoor arena will house multiple courts for volleyball, field hockey, and basketball, while providing year round performance training for multiple sports. As an economic driver, Chesapeake Park brings approximately 575 jobs annually, 484 of which are full-time.


Chesapeake Park will be a productive athletic campus with an environmentally-conscious facility surrounded by tree-lined fields and parking areas. Situated in a landscape of over 470 acres, Chesapeake Park can turn blight into bloom with acres of green space, trails, and sports fields as an alternative to dense development. Exclusive access to the park via updated off-ramps with a dedicated water and sewer plan will alleviate community impact. Utilizing best LEED certification practices, storm water management systems, and renewable energy sources, Chesapeake Park will be a true community asset. To meet environmental and forestation needs the campus will include acres of green space and planting as part of the overall design. CSEG projects a revitalized property for the County and State with long lasting environmental and social sustainability.


“Chesapeake Park has been designed as a project worthy of the community of Anne Arundel and the advancement of the State of Maryland to stay competitive in the Sports Tourism market,” said CSEG President Mark Burdett. “Chesapeake Park will be uniquely situated as an economic engine for the state of Maryland’s investment in its success. This Park will provide an amazing destination to promote a year round lifestyle of sports and healthy outdoor activities.”